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D2:Chinese Dota Changes. OMG!


After ,Unsatisfied for China, Shanghai Major Chinese community became sharply negative toward performance of their teams. So Teams were “forced” to make something to apologize and improve their roster.


FY and DDC(returned to Dota) joined VG.Potential.IYRsT1uIBn8

Vici Gaming Potential: Fy, Yang (Zyf), Fan, End, Zexbingo.

Meanwhile, Vici Gaming: Burning, Rotk, Cty, Snake и HYM.


Sylar is now a free agent. (There was occurrence happened inside LGD. Sylar has contract with LGD Gaming until 31th of March, but Transfer window is going to be closed  by Valve on 29th of March. LGD Gaming agreed to sell Sylar but definitely declined any offers to let Sylar go for free. That case could make Sylar miss Manila Major and TI6. ACE Association has solved the problem in Sylar’s side benefit. So he is now a free agent and most probably he’ll join Newbee.


EHOME : LaNm, old chicken, old eleven, iceiceice, Fenrir.


We’ll keep you informed as soon as any changes will occur. Stay tuned with us to be updated.


Authors Comment: This is going to be crucial. Dunno yet for better or worse these changes are, but its going to be so. EHOME grabbed my interest immediately. Seeing iceX3 on #4 position, cant w8.