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CSGO: MLG Columbus is all the way near! + Roster Changes


Few Days Ago MLG Columbus Groups were revealed.

Group “А” :NiP, LG, mouz, F3
Group “B” :FaZe, fnatic, Splyce, Liquid
Group “C” : NaVi, VP, G2, c9
Group “D” : EnVyUs, Astralis, CLG, Gambit


P.S. EnVyUs to kick K1oshima (after IEM Katowice EnVyUs decided to k1ck K1o and see how team will perform, on the change they invited former “LDLC White” – DEVIL.

Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt
Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer
Kenny “kennyS” Schrub
Dan “apEX” Madesclaire
Timothee “DEVIL” Demolon

Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez(coach)envyusbig


Team “mousesports” showed their expectations towards MLG Columbus. They employed second coach.

Chris “chrisJ” de Jong
Denis “denis” Howell
Johannes “nex” Maget
Nikola “NiKo” Kovač
Timo “Spiidi” Richter

Navid “Kapio” Javadi (coach)
Niclas “enkay J” Krumhorn (coach)

so Kapio is going to be as an In-game coach. and enkay J will prepare tactics, maps and information about their opponents.



Also Take a Closer Look on a trophy, its amazing

closer look mlg columbus


Authors Comment: Well, As i saw envy`s performance they turned from the only team that could compete Fnatic(my opinion) to a team that equal to Mongols or something like Team Flipsid3 (with full respect to listed teams), will see how it goes. Also, Expecting a lot from mouZ. BTW, I know that news are already old, just trying to fill space. Don’t worry, we’ll be good news page beside our future idea of gaming portal. Write down your wishes, advises and opinion about our stuff, would be appreciated .