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HS:New Addon: Whispers of the OLD GODS.


Since Blizzard announced some info related to the new patch featuring new mode, internet is filled with plenty of rumors about new cards. On 11th of March Blizzard released some of new cards. Here are some of them:


As you could notice some of cards work with full potential only with the new legendary card, one of the ten Gods, C’Thun. If you know the history of World of Warcraft, you probably know about C’Thun. (In summary He’s one of the most powerful, he’s the creator of  Ahn’Qiraj. Members of Ahn’Qiraj were working on creation of the Power that could destroy the World, which betrayed their God- C’Thun. You can Read More.

Also Here are some new cards taken from various livestreams.

worm bugsecret eaterrecruitshogger

Author Comment: I’m in anticipation of the new patch and new mode. Interesting how meta will turn.